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New Academic Year Begins with Record Numbers

(22nd September 2015) Today a new academic year begins at the Sts Cyril & Athanasius Institute for Orthodox Studies, and the new term is opening with record numbers of enrollments. All the modules being offered from this week are fully subscribed, with new students from across the we choice viagra in the united kingdom country (and as far afield as Romania) taking part in our Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning. For the first time since the Institute started operating three years ago, a waiting list has had to be implemented for applicants wishing to take up studies on our programs.


Applications Currently Being Accepted for the Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies in Distance Learning, For Study Beginning in the Autumn

The Certificate Program in Orthodox Christian Studies by Distance Learning is the Institute's flagship course for all those wishing to engage in an in-depth study of Orthodox Christianity — and the Distance Learning context makes it accessible to you, wherever you may be located and whatever your situation. Our new academic year begins in September, and the time to apply is now if you'd like to take part in this rich course of studies.


Academic calendar for 2015-2016 updated

(22nd July 2015) The Institute's Academic Calendar has been updated to include key term, feast and holiday dates for the 2015-2016 Academic Year. These include the beginning of it's cool Michaelmas Term on 22nd September 2015, on which date students accepted during our current admissions phase will begin their studies on the get generic viagra online Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning.


Summer term students attend live video class with Revd Dr Andrew Cuneo

(14th July 2015) Students in this summer's Trinity Term of the Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning attended a live, discussion-oriented video class with Fr Andrew Cuneo of San Diego, on 'Holiness in the Emulation of the Saints', with additional instruction by Archimandrite Irenei and Archpriest James Baglien.


Students enter into summer term with the study of sanctity and sainthood

(29th May 2015) Students in our Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning have entered fully into the new Trinity Term's module, 'Life with the Saints', with focused study on sanctity and sainthood in Orthodox theology. What makes a saint? What is the ascetical understanding of 'holiness', and how is it attained? These are the questions students have addressed in lectures, live video classes, readings and their opening assignments.


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